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Fobet : The Psychology & Astrology School

We teach psychology & astrology in the most creative way, give wings to your psychology interests.

Our premium bestseller courses

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified educational institute, accredited to International Association of Therapist. We have a range of psychology related courses.

Counselling Psychology

This is a basic skill up counselling course designed for beginners, It covers the basics of psychology & also makes one aware about counselling skills. It is a 50 hour program, divided in 3 levels.

Child Psychology

This is an amazing course to understand the brain of little ones, It is a 50 hour basic program which covers child psychology in a practical approach. Usually parents & teachers attend this course. It is divided across 3 levels from basic to advance.

Clinical Psychology

This program is meant for people who are interested in learning about clinical psychology and how professionals view mental illness in order to diagnosis and treatment. It is a 3 level program, spread across 50 ours. Internship hours also included.

Become a graphologist

Every letter, stroke and slant has a story to tell Want to learn how to decode your handwriting? Here is your chance to become a certified Graphologist & Grapho therapist. It is a 5 level course from basic to advance. 

Become a Face reading expert

This is a practitioner level course which makes you eligible to practice face reading professionally.  Recordings will be provided for all the live lectures . It is  5 level course from basic to advance it covers the knowledge of face reading practically .

Become a career counselor

Become a certified Career Counsellor with our 3 level certificate course. India still needs 1.4 million career counsellors for 315 million students to maintain a globally acceptable student-to-counsellor ratio. Take this opportunity to help people in achieving their dreams!

Become a Tarot card reader

Are you ready to dive into the mystical world of tarot? Our tarot course is a great to start! It is an in-depth exploration into the world of tarot, providing an opportunity to learn the basics and to delve deeper into its secrets. We provide a comprehensive understanding of tarot, including its history, symbolism & interpretation.

1:1 Personalised session for Psychology career guidance.

SOLVE all your psychology related queries!!!!!! Here are STEPS for this session:  Step 1 - Discussing career interests Step 2 - What can be done & how? Step 3 - Colleges & Universities offering the desired course Step 4 - Scope of the field Step 5- Counsellor’s advice   

    People who want to switch their career to Psychology can take up this session

    If you want to do stream selection for masters then you can apply for this session

    Queries related to college selection for both India and abroad will be answered

    School students who want to make career in psychology can get guidance through this session

    After completion of payment we’ll schedule a session according to your and the counsellors convenience. 

    Firstly there will be a discussion on WhatsApp and then a 1:1 zoom session of you and the counsellor resolving all your queries.


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Practical Approach

All our sessions follow a practical approach to make them interesting for the learners


Interactive Sessions

All our live sessions are Interactive where in you can have a discussion with the trainer regarding various things. 


Crisp Notes

Notes provided for all the lectures are crisp & easy to understand


Fobet Support

Fobet has a very responsive team which is ready to resolve all your doubts before, during & even after the course


Community Access

Post every course we add you to our fanclub group where in we post paid opportunities for our alumni.


Our happy team of psychologists

We have picked up the best psychology professionals to make learning fun for you

Anushka Jain

Dream Analysis trainer

Anushka is a dream analyst and help people to identify the meaning of their dreams so that they can heal themselves. 

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It's not just work for us, we take pride in the solutions we deliver!

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Meet our Founder Riya Upreti

Riya launched Fobet in May 2020 with the singular goal to create a platform that provides the best quality educational courses on psychology and help people of all ages with their personal and psychological issues. Riya is building a culture that is focused on customer first approach. She does not believe in rigid, and rule bound work environments and is all ears for new ideas. Her vision is to build and support an environment of innovation and creativity to make the online model more responsive and efficient and extend the reach and accessibility of Fobet’s courses and therapy sessions to all strata of society.

Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was ending, she turned into a butterfly 

Learn Psychology with Fobet & gain a new perspective towards life 


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